Acknowledging my experiences!

As i continue writing about my story as a writer, who isn’t established anywhere, except in my own little devilish grave top-shelf, i would like to present a few of my poems here in sometime. My first poem as i had already told you, was written over a trivial issue, somehow close to my heart and mind, which i came down by my secret weapon of choice, known as the “pen to paper”. Although a bit sad and melancholic it was when i was scratching my head with all the worldly issues going around those times and still somehow prevails in all of our lives. And so i started up with a few short ones and some full fledged heart touching ones. Since i was much into the movies they used to show on our television sets, i was a sci-fi and space movie fanatic.


So turning back to this present moment, when i am back to the college days, being enrolled in a course related to the education industry, somehow feeling this strong urge to bring about some much needed enlightenment across the kids and the youth in this era, and making some change in our country. With my first year nearing to its end in the month of May-June, i have learned so much about life and myself as a whole till now.

In the first semester we learned quite a few techniques and methodologies about the various subjects under the teaching-learning process. I being an engineering graduate, found psychology a bit tricky to learn and understand until i just made myself comfortable, sitting back and studied with full focus for getting to know the various things and images we get to make while taking a good look over a lesson. The psyche a person plays a vital role in understanding an individual, which totally defines him/her on the outer as their personality or the body language, the way they present themselves, either verbally or non-verbally(eye movements, sign-language, etc). Then the other subject we learned was very much related to a person’s life on how it gives and presents on their various attributes such as the physical, mental, moral, character, social, emotional, intellectual, etc..helping an individual in their individual development, giving them a perspective-philosophy. the other important subjects of learning were those from the fields of school organization, discipline, language and understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

The best part being one of the learners here, at college under the school of education after a long gap of around 5 years was getting back to the youth, the era where i loved being the most. As a student in one of the top universities among the national capital, i liked the people, my fellow classmates, the new environment, some great teachers and professors from various backgrounds and walks of life. I rose back from my bad days just in time and made myself comfortable, getting into the flow. I was slowly and gradually making pace and speeding up for getting updated on my areas of expertise and the knowledge of-course.


So, while being there, during the first semester we had a few subjects in which we dealt with writing plethora of texts and journals, reviews, autobiography, all enclosed under an e-portfolio. This digital copy i somehow enjoyed the most since it made me awaken and get all fast track knowledge and database under the computer literacy skills. I learned how to google search and make meaning of the data, made use of google drive, saving all my home-assignments and work in a well organized fashion. Mostly, i had this great opportunity to learn and get my hands on the right part of texting by Microsoft office, with the presentation(making a electronic means of lesson plan for the smart classes), the Microsoft word(where i typed most of my journals and the reports of our school work), and somehow also learnt to experiment with all of my work or writing skills in order to make the best possible presentation. Coming next would be a few of my poems which i wrote in the college days on the occasion of teachers day, and also a few of my old ones.



Hey! As i always say this to myself each and every other day, i m just another ordinary human being. And this life has a lot to teach us with all of us as its learners. So respect it  honestly unless & until you expect something great for yourself.

Story of a writer

The first time i debut as an artist with a creation coming from my best known skills , the expertise which evolved more and more and developed me into a prodigy, somewhat a very basic skill we all are aware of under all the branches of teaching-learning-LSRW (Listening, speaking, reading and writing).  I caught hold of this art, known as creative writing first when i was in an extreme age of storm and stress, we call it as the adolescence. I was in my 11th grade, way back in the year 2004, when i wrote my first ever piece while being upset on a really silly reason and there i kicked started my journey of writing. This hobby of mine, began and took up-stage writing poems(which came due to my silly habit of rhyming sense), my personal diaries, making notes of my things to do, the various unending lists of dreams and desires, i somehow never knew i would ever be appreciated for this little artist so deeply engraved in my soul since my birth. So i kept writing and continued my journey till now, while you read between the lines on my blog here.
I never knew something like this would ever feel so overwhelming and strong, till i gave this option as a priority in my life. Somewhat we all have really deeply emotional yet seriously engaging feelings and everyone may not be necessarily be good at expressing those in your own way of expression. This art of expressing holds a very vital role in building up or breaking down the foundation stones of our lives. And we humans are pretty good with our evolutionary innovations and multiple folds of technologies to come down and present our expressions. I being one of them, somewhat yet unexplored yet evolved in my own manners have learned a lot till now, for expressing this in the form of my best presentation called as a skill of writing.
I never googled any of my poems i have written till now, until and unless the words might have developed with various real-life experiences such as those from the field of entertainment-radio, television, music, etc. and also the inspiration i have got with my art of visualization which we were taught way back in my school days. Its a pure art and science of imagination how you can work wonders and create huge things inside your mind. Also, my tribute goes to the big names in the fields of science and technology, the layers of research and years of development which came up with some wonderful inventions and discoveries. And the journey began with poetry writing, continuing as an amateur writer, with my diary taking a back-stage since i was cut short on my time for myself when i started with my graduation college. First few years went by, me being involved in some serious series of romantic poems as well as a few really melancholic ones. Then i took up making short notes on my things to do list, in my 3rd year of college, with a lot of lists like-personal, professional, plans, jobs, shopping, etc. This idea was a piece of cake since it hardly took much of the time in the whole day/week/month. Gradually developing my pace on this skill, i started planning on my future, which was definitely unexpected i suppose, as we all say, there is no guarantee of life or any material in this whole wide world. And so i explored, read a few books, watched loads of movies, with my favorite genre being the scientific-fiction one. The taste for my English language developed from that of an old-piece of electronic gadgets, the transistors, known as the radios, and with that i obviously mean the offline ones.
There came this huge flow of information, from all fields and aspects of life and beyond. The world wide web(WWW), also known as the mighty information age or the virtual world. I discovered another great deal of platforms for the expression of my art of writing, the blog. And this came out of the blue just like that. when one of my college mate also started with her own venture of blogging about fashion and beauty trends across our worlds.
Beginning with my google search, i came down to the websites of some really well established  writers, authors, photographers, blogger, who told their piece of work and story in this space of age called as the blog. And then i really had this idea, just to start over with something brand new, while i was about to post this piece below on my Facebook status update. So i just started out on a very basic scale from own google account, and went to blogger, where i could create many blogs and post everyday about whatever i want to write or say and share it on social media or with my friends via email, and various other platforms. Below is my first post which i created on google blogger in the year 2013. Feel free to share or like my page on Facebook and google+ and don’t forget to post a comment.

The humans were not just created to explore the things around the world and the vast universe,

and fight & create havoc for the upcoming future of our generations to come. We were not born just for survival of the fittest (Darwin’s Theory) and compete in life and fight the three basic needs of life be it food,clothes and shelter. Well the times gone in the past are just gone and no one in the history could have done more damage then just us Humans. Its just the way we live. The Epic Hindu wars in the “Mahabharata” or the delay World war 2,the “Fight India movement,creating a mass tragedy and total loss of lives and property damage of such a magnitude creating a Nuclear like winters in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki(Japan),the Cellular jails in the Andaman islands, India with the famous Black waters,the “Pearl Harbor”.

Well talking about the scenario now as i see the world we people live just live for the heck of it not thinking anything logical and more eventful for our future. We waste all the resources either natural (sun,water,wood,energy) or man-made like the most important being paper,the most expensive being petrol,diesel…clothes or the damn money. All resources be it recyclable or not,we are just merely using and wasting more and more in our daily lives destroying the ecological balance either wildlife,the plants  or the sea animals,birds and more and more are just getting damaged and jeopardized.

For instance take tigers or birds,people poach the national wildlife zones and bird sanctuaries and hunt them for the skin,leather,or any selfish ornamental purpose products,and accessorize to look more stupid and more cruel to the environment around us. 

We need not build new houses and keep extracting more and more mines and deserts for the raw materials for the living just for the selfish needs and stay away from your family and send your old parents to old age homes. Instead we can share a same common place for the living and live in peace,love and harmony. 

We don’t need more and more industrialization and urbanization for our lifestyles and daily needs as already there are enough concrete jungles on our planet. All we need to realize is the bitter truth that there is only this tiny planet in our entire universe which is habitable for us living beings. There is no scope of life anywhere else other then earth. This is the only place we have in our hands and we need to manage our resources, because by the time we will realize its all going to be over and out of sight and means to survive.

Nothing in this world or the universe will last forever neither us living beings nor the earth or our star Sun. Everything in this world or the vast space has a life of its own,either long or short that’s hard to say.

So learn to respect life and existence and your loved ones.

We need to stop fighting and start to give importance to our home,our place,our locality,state,country,caste,color,creed and our only planet of life “Earth” and join hands in the betterment for the future for a happy and healthy living and survival of the coming ones.

Learn to live wisely and save our natural resources and not over use it.

Reuse,Reduce,Recycle and learn and search the purpose of our lives, “save the planet”.