Educational Autobiography

The biggest dream in my entire life and career profile had been to travel abroad, professionally, and learn the things from a global perspective. Like my father, who recently took the privilege to retire from his long dedicated work towards the banking industry, I too had a dream of pursuing higher education and getting a stable secure future for myself, so as to supplement me as well as my little family of my loving parents and a pet dog named Joey.
In my childhood, I always had this habit of peeking far off in the skies, looking at the stars and the sun and moon, and gazing through the special spectacles to have a sneak peek at the lunar or solar eclipse. As the time flied, I grew older, carried on with my studies, and further schooling and the advancements towards the world of science and fiction watching the high-tech movies and having the curiosity of learning more about this area of space exploration. With the age advancements and the changes in my studies, I dreamt of making it big, just like the first Indian female who had the pleasure of flying around the space, Kalpana Chawla, I too wanted to study astronomy. So while I was in the senior secondary classes in 2003 and 2004, I made up my mind to pursue engineering, study hard and get into a good university, which deals with the related kind of educational facilities for venturing out my fields of interest and getting to learn more.
I always liked solving the numeral subject of mathematics and science branches dealing with chemistry and physics. I searched and studied from all the basic books I had got throughout the course, quenching my thirst to learn more about the space and universe. My curiosity went more and more immense with loads of hard work that I had to put in, in order to clear the entrances for the engineering entrances for various university and colleges.
In my first attempt for the prestigious IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology), which is one of the hardest and yet toughest exams to be cleared among the best engineering colleges in our country, I stood nowhere, since this competition exam needed to be prepared with utmost dedication and proper focus, which I somehow realized later, never had much, like I have it now.
So standing unclear at a few entrances like IIT, DCE, AIEEE, having no exam clearance I finally realized, I was not that strong academically, neither I had such a bright sound mind with the scientific temperament.  I negotiated with life, got a seat at the Delhi University, to pursue , a bachelors in sciences, general course, in the regular college at south campus, named, ARSD(Atma Ram Sanatan Dharm), near to dhuala kuan. I attended the college and didn’t really liked it much, still having the same aim of pursuing an engineering degree. So after a short while, in 2005, after attending 2 months of college, I nearly dropped out, with the aim to clearing an entrance exam for engineering.
After that day, I made up my mind to never look back and moved on, taking coaching and test series package from a private coaching institute named, Narayana, at kalu sarai-New Delhi, just near to IIT, I carried on with the preparation, clearing away my first entrance exam of AIEEE (All India engineering entrance exam), and got a college at a nearby university college named, Apeejay College of Engineering, situated somewhere around 40 kms away from my home.
I finally pursued my long cherished dream of studying engineering course, with the branch allotted to me as electronics and instrumentation in the first counselling, while I updated it, getting a better branch of electronics and communication. It took me 4 years, 8 semesters, nearly taking 40 theory exams and number of practical and various seminars, project work and training modules, to finally earn this degree of, B.E. (ECE), from MDU, Maharishi Dayanand University.
After graduation, with a course from 2006-2010, I had no job in my hand, since the campus placements where I stood unclear with the written tests, I couldn’t proceed further for the next few rounds of group discussions and panel interviews. Some of the companies which I missed out were iGATE, Patni, Impetus, and Infosys, until I realized a very harsh truth about myself that I lacked in the analytical problem solving skills while taking up the exams, getting to know the areas of weaknesses. I did not have such a good mathematical thinking when it came to the aptitude and the logical reasoning sections of the exams. So I tried hard, putting in more hours to the concerned subjects and sections in order to get the required skills to crack the tests and get a good job in a well set company of my core area, related to electronics and communication.
In the year 2010, I studied for many areas in order to get a job in the government banking industry or the Indian Engineering Services, the various organizations like Airport Authority of India (AAI), HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation limited), DMRC (Delhi Metro rail corporation limited), etc…
All these entrance exams had to be dealt with the written tests and seeing the stiff competition I was highly demoralized, and had a setback. All my dreams were taking a big time set back, since I didn’t possess what it took to clear an entrance exam.
Even though after working for various companies and getting paid, I didn’t ever haD that good feeling of happiness, contentment or satisfaction from the beginning till the very end. I always sulked and criticized myself for getting no justice to the field of education I had pursued.
With the passage of time, dealing with a lot of stress and sad unemployment stage of my life, my father, had been asking me to do this course for getting government job assurance. I was pretty adamant to change my decision of changing my path of career. He told me about bachelors in education course, but I was fussy since, there were hardly any people who would do a B.Ed. course after B.E. Gradually and slowly, so many years passed by and I realized, of my biggest mistake of life, being going for a silly entrance exam preparation dropping away from a college seat at Delhi University.
Last year finally made up my mind and had this clear decision of going in for this course and lifestyle of a good teacher, since I myself wanted to get the prestigious qualities of self-respect, self-confidence, discipline, positive and optimistic attitude towards my life. I wanted to train myself with all these, since I wanted to help myself, attain a good and healthy sound mind, helping the parents and my locality around and be a good citizen of my well known nation, being famous for the immense socio-cultural variations and the unity in diversity. I had this urge of doing something for my own country.
Followed with time, I without wasting any further energy applied at GGSIP (Guru Gobind Singh Indra-Prastha-University, for the course of Bachelors in Education, which is a two year regular full-time college degree program. I cleared the entrance without any much hard work and got a really good rank unexpectedly, standing at 1310 position. So I actively engaged myself with the online counseling process of the university and got a college in the first round itself.
Getting started with the course at FIMT (Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology), I kicked started, my life yet again in my surge to start from scratch and learn and build myself wholly in order to attain all the desired dreams and expectations I had and will have in my life now. Enrolled here at FIMT, with some of the best teachers and helpful staff members, I still learn and carry on with the process of evolving the teaching-learning procedure.

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