Abstract: Nearly a month ago, I joined this glorious path of self-discovery, when at some-point in my life; I had lost that sudden hope of goodwill and a sense of direction for riding this journey of a great. honest and yet an unexplored mysteries of our spaces and those discrete-corners of the mindless fun learning activities and the adventures yet to be experienced in the divine stories of the various fold of our so called, human-life.

Introduction: Here I am again, putting my secret weapon of my best found forms of human-expressions, a pen to paper, writing about all the various things I’ve found and yet to explore about my life in the field of education.

Content: In the following week after the submission of my first journal on my college life till now, I being a student at the college Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, under the school of Education, learned about various philosophies of the great yet well known of our educational history, named as Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, Sri Rabindranath Tagore, the various breakdowns and the challenges we all face being born and brought up in this era of high-tech-savvy approach of communication & utilization of such advances under the yet so unexplored dimensions of educational industry to extract and infuse such diverse, complicated yet so magical path of glory bringing us all up and ahead of our adversities of life such as poverty, globalization & adult education, bringing enough awareness and generosities among the coming next series of unborn generations, those inborn talents and the creativity, in order to develop their psychology, bridging the gaps of communication errors, such as phonic pronunciation, develop the various observational skills, such as listening. The last one under Language, we were taught about various drills, the games, to develop the word-power and enhance and enrich the vocabulary, while in my teaching subject mathematics, we were taught the various approaches that were used as the foundations & building blocks of problem solving and calculations, various methods and techniques, the significance of critical and analytical thinking, various vital components of a good and effective, well established school.

Conclusion: In my closing statement, I would like to express my deepest and humble gratitude of thanks to all my teachers, who showed me light and brought in me, that much needed enlightenment, when all i just needed was that ray of hope, which I was asked to be formed in the jumbled words of my poetry and rhyming sense, in order to praise and express as a token of appreciation for all the teachers who had taught me and will come across me in my life. And finally, I was called upon the stage to perform a poetry recitation, which in somehow failed to present with some good level of confidence. But I learned that the fear is all in our minds, and I needed to work on my lost levels of confidence, in order to win the hearts of my future students and show them the right path of self-discovery.


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