Journal writing


My journey in education

Abstract: My journey of studying further in the field of education at the college, “Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology”, affiliated to GGSIP University-New Delhi, has almost completed about an entire month.

Introduction: It’s been about three weeks now, that I joined a course at GGSIPU, located in the heart of our capital city Delhi. The college, i.e.; “Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology”, being at such a nearby location, I hardly find any difficulty travelling to study attending regular classes here, for a course of Bachelors in Education, in my longing dream to serve the coming generations & teach them the right way of dealing with their real-life problems and making them aware of a social and civil duties and responsibilities that we as the future citizens of this country hold , in order to carry on our well preserved, enriched and diverse cultural and religious practices.

Content: Till now, I have almost got an entire idea of the smart and well-organised teaching standards and methods of imparting the right kind of etiquette and philosophical ideologies that our fore-father like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and many more great names brought in the field of education. It’s our humble responsibility and duty as the future teachers to bring about the desired and much needed enlightenment to the future coming young generations of tomorrow. This will further help, and enhance their teaching standards, which will brighten up their horizon and sharpen the minds, so as to improve their areas of interest and develop an optimistic and positive quality in themselves and enhance their strengths and overcome the weaknesses. They can face their lives with courage and confidence and wisely make the future decisions depending upon those skills and solve their own problems.

In the last week, i.e.; from 24th to 28th august, we all studied various folds of discipline in the subject of philosophy and various theories in our teaching subject mathematics, School organisation and administration, the mental and psychological folds of our mind in the field of childhood and growing up related to psychology, while in language, meaning English medium , we learned new skills such as observations, listening, also in school organisation, we all submitted our first assignment of school time-table/ calendar making with each person in the group allotted of ten students were supposed to present and discuss as well as cross-check for any further queries and improvement.

While on the hand, in this another area of teaching, with the subject named as- “Understanding the self”, there was an activity called as observations, where a few students from two separate groups were supposed to present themselves, on a topic on the spot, and the audience was supposed to watch them and check on their positive and negative pointers. On the second day, another activity took place in the combined class, where people were supposed to present on a chart, coming prepared with a topic, and making them explain with the help of “Concept- Mapping”. In this the students while discussing about the main heading had to elaborate on the sub-headings as well.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, this whole month till the last week, I never missed out on a single class and we enjoyed attending the lectures as well as the new experiences that we all shared and saw in those activities, such a extempore, presentations, concept-mapping and off-course the studies on our branch of our specialisation- Education.



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