School & self-learning

My secret love “Muzik”

makes me smile , in the silence 

makes me cry, with those violins

touches my heart with the guitars

can’t see him as he’s so far.

takes away my pains & heels my sorrows

relaxes my senses and makes a better tomorrow.

turns me on with his rhythm & blues,

tries to touch my soul with the spiritual views.

makes me burn on the dance floor,

makes me lose control with the loud roar,

breaks my head and bang it hard,

when the rock ‘n’ roll and metal goes apart

and the hip-hop beats to shake and spin around

with the drum beats driving wicked and surround.

takes my breath away with the good old classics,

which makes the air goes so romantic

and the base goes running along

across the southern rock with the country so longed.

and the jazz and reggae comes in action

with the sweetness and sun tans goes in attraction.

he has taught me so much about life

that i know i can make myself no more strive.

i can feel him in my ears,

he can’t with all those gears.

i can’t see him anywhere,

even though he catches me everywhere.

He is immortal and never bids goodbye,

but i sometimes have to fall short and go so shy.

he’s always with me, my lips, my nerves n my senses

but my eyes keeps searching for him in those shells.

when he’s all packed in boxes so heavy

and cluttered in the wires so thin and wavy

i can’t see him ever cause the man i am talking about in this whole story

is “Muzik” ..

I wrote this little piece way back in my graduation days..once when i used to be much of a active-music-lover/follower. I developed much of the taste from my radio addiction..offline that days, while now we all have loads of apps and online technologies to hear the fresh and record breaking artists from national, international or even regional artists. So as i was telling you all about my love for this area, which somehow have taken a backstage lately, since i m cut short on my leisure fun time to more of a serious studious kinds. I slowly and gradually realized to myself when i fist start going to the college once again last year, life has kind of turned topsy-turvy, and been turned upside down from dull n boring to interesting yet roller-coaster kind of a ride for me.

Being from a technical background, i hardly had any plans to continue much on the academics and studies, until i realized that i was deeply saddened and much of a failure in my real life, as a responsible human-being, female, daughter, sister, friend and the list just goes on. What i never understood was a bitter fact of life that, the journey never stops unless your mind stops talking and your heart beats come to a nil on that graph and your body had stopped working and died from inside out. I realized a fact, that i had been trying much too hard to achieve something which was kind of really hard to achieve in this life-time, failing to finally succeed in any of my attempts on any of the competitive exams and getting somewhere good making a stable career for myself.

So finally last year i made up my mind to give this last dive in to the mess of examinations, applying for a Bachelors in Education course at a well reputed university of our national capital. The only course entrance exam form i had applied, a solo one, and had this misinformation, i.e; only 200 seats for the course, which happened to be applied for another university. I tried for a few more universities, with the leading ones, but failed to go ahead due to some issues. So 10th may-2015, we had our common entrance test, with my center somewhere in the south location. The results were out on 19th, and i somehow tried avoiding to check instead having a misconception for the seat/student ratio for the concerned university. I remember very clearly i was sad on life not turning out even close to what i had planned for. I didn’t check it on 19th and went online a day later, seeing the best to my eye had ever believed. I stood at a rank 1310, to which at first, i jumped out of my seat in a feeling of joy and fiesta, but again, held myself back due to the wrong info, checking that list where the ranks had gone as high as somewhere 7200s. I was not just happy for the rank i had got, but only to the fact, that i stood at a good position somewhere, without so much of hard-work that i had put in for cracking my AIEEE, and other entrances. Perhaps, that’s what we call “destiny“, and now i absolutely believe and have utmost faith in this word.

Since i stepped to this new platform of my life embracing all the good things of life and the simple pleasure of being happy with small steps of climbing a mountain and a never ending journey of give and take, known as the world of Teaching and learning,  the world of Education, it gives me immense pride and tonnes of good-feelings, hope, wisdom and optimistic attitude to face life with great confidence and a path of self-discovery. I am a student of B.Ed.(2015-2017), FIMT, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.

The poem above was a presentation i was suppose to give individually for my practical subject assignment. And below is a picture of some of my new friends/classmates/teachers/guide and counselors.

Diwali Mela @FIMT with Bhawna mam,Sarika mam, Rekha mam, Ridhi mam, and clockwise-Prachi, Ritika, Kanchan, Priya, Archana, Shireen, Anuradha at back, Ranjana, Abhilasha, Vandana and u know me. 🙂

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