Music and lyrics

As our part of the curriculum this time, we had been assigned a few subjects as our practical ones, like one of them being the very tech-savvy,  highly anticipated one, known as the ICT-Information & Communication Technology. The practical subjects comes with a credit score of 2, along with the other subjects like PSE-Pre school engagement-2 part followed by the first which was being scheduled in our last semester, and the best and the most cherished yet highly ignored subject of ‘Drama and Art in Education’. This being my favorite one currently in this session under our 2nd-semester, the reason being we all are born and brought from eras of highly engaging and unadulterated fun-loving yet versatalities and extravaganza of deeply touching and overwhelming of expressions of joy, pleasure and pain. Its a hard-core generation there out there in this new era of being and solo and self-explorations, and this is the only one form which comes in its own sweetest yet undissolved flavors of life and huge fortune, somewhat called as “ART”.

According to me, this art hold a really significant part of my life, since it takes from the deepest overflowing rivers of feelings, to the abandon of spaces, wide open in those highest skies, simply giving a feeling of soul-searching yet amazing peace of mind, from my strenuous tasks of mindless talking to the seventh heaven and may be to the almighty. That somehow brings me sop much to my pure self, that it ignites me, revives me, satisfies me, and creates colors of life- which are so damn beautiful in its own selfish yet simple way. This art gives me immense feeling of wonderful, beautiful, and somewhat even terrifyingly extra-terrestrial making me feel ‘ALIVE’, bringing me back from the dead life and putting the exact meaning of the word “LIVE” to ALIVE.

Alright, a lot of drama, let me come back to the point, to our subject, known as ‘Drama and art’, as i told you, in the last time Story of a writer, with a little insight of my own tiny world of imagination, i had been a part of this since long enough to understand a bit about writing and poetry.  With all the dimensions of art forms- be it-art and craft, music & theater.., we were suppose to present a multi-media lesson or some form of presentation technique in front of our whole batch, either in group or as individual. And so i chose the subject as music. This domain–being the most and soul foundation for building up my rhyming-sense as well as a bit of my communication skills too, helped me to start more and more on poetry to writing and now blogging. So i explored a bit from Google obviously and took the much needed guidance from my great music buddy and brother musician too, Sushant.

“Like knowledge is for the mind, food is for the belly, nature and its vibrant colors are for the eyes, similarly music is for the ears- {giving an aural nourishment, soothes, calms, relaxes the nerves with loads of shares and experiences for emotions within}”.

Music= Inspiring lyrics + powerful melodies (all wrapped in a 4 minute energy bar)

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