Acknowledging my experiences!

As i continue writing about my story as a writer, who isn’t established anywhere, except in my own little devilish grave top-shelf, i would like to present a few of my poems here in sometime. My first poem as i had already told you, was written over a trivial issue, somehow close to my heart and mind, which i came down by my secret weapon of choice, known as the “pen to paper”. Although a bit sad and melancholic it was when i was scratching my head with all the worldly issues going around those times and still somehow prevails in all of our lives. And so i started up with a few short ones and some full fledged heart touching ones. Since i was much into the movies they used to show on our television sets, i was a sci-fi and space movie fanatic.


So turning back to this present moment, when i am back to the college days, being enrolled in a course related to the education industry, somehow feeling this strong urge to bring about some much needed enlightenment across the kids and the youth in this era, and making some change in our country. With my first year nearing to its end in the month of May-June, i have learned so much about life and myself as a whole till now.

In the first semester we learned quite a few techniques and methodologies about the various subjects under the teaching-learning process. I being an engineering graduate, found psychology a bit tricky to learn and understand until i just made myself comfortable, sitting back and studied with full focus for getting to know the various things and images we get to make while taking a good look over a lesson. The psyche a person plays a vital role in understanding an individual, which totally defines him/her on the outer as their personality or the body language, the way they present themselves, either verbally or non-verbally(eye movements, sign-language, etc). Then the other subject we learned was very much related to a person’s life on how it gives and presents on their various attributes such as the physical, mental, moral, character, social, emotional, intellectual, etc..helping an individual in their individual development, giving them a perspective-philosophy. the other important subjects of learning were those from the fields of school organization, discipline, language and understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

The best part being one of the learners here, at college under the school of education after a long gap of around 5 years was getting back to the youth, the era where i loved being the most. As a student in one of the top universities among the national capital, i liked the people, my fellow classmates, the new environment, some great teachers and professors from various backgrounds and walks of life. I rose back from my bad days just in time and made myself comfortable, getting into the flow. I was slowly and gradually making pace and speeding up for getting updated on my areas of expertise and the knowledge of-course.


So, while being there, during the first semester we had a few subjects in which we dealt with writing plethora of texts and journals, reviews, autobiography, all enclosed under an e-portfolio. This digital copy i somehow enjoyed the most since it made me awaken and get all fast track knowledge and database under the computer literacy skills. I learned how to google search and make meaning of the data, made use of google drive, saving all my home-assignments and work in a well organized fashion. Mostly, i had this great opportunity to learn and get my hands on the right part of texting by Microsoft office, with the presentation(making a electronic means of lesson plan for the smart classes), the Microsoft word(where i typed most of my journals and the reports of our school work), and somehow also learnt to experiment with all of my work or writing skills in order to make the best possible presentation. Coming next would be a few of my poems which i wrote in the college days on the occasion of teachers day, and also a few of my old ones.


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