Tribute to the ‘Teachers’


Now i share this little piece i wrote which i would like to pay as a tribute to all of my teachers who have been there with their guidance and the much needed enlightenment.

Preach the teachers

when i stood myself down with my own discrepancies and misconceptions of life,

it was you, the supreme light beyond all my darkness and sad stories of misfortune,

who held me out of my strive,

the greatest of all those beings i have ever met or passed by…

The best friend, philosopher and my only lonely guide.

You showed me the path and direction when i was almost lost somewhere in that confused state of mind,

Holding my hand, you walked with me along my glorious days when i was living on the edge…

My dreams, my wishes, , my long lost flame in the divine space,

You taught me right from wrong and brought some peace of mind in this serene morning bliss and grace

You were always there to tell me about the greatest of all deeds,

How we need to change and bring an era of sudden youth awakening with our unexplored seeds..

Our minds and bodies and spirits , that we need to bring out in the open and share our point of view,

All we humans just need is a spark and a pinch of sunshine and bring about that much needed enlightenment,

Some of the ideas, surprises to be shared for one and all, those experiences that we all went through,

Such is the amount of empowerment well craved for among us all to conquer our biggest embellishment,

Our teachers, my teachers, your teachers…everyone’s best friend,

Given to us by those divine powers of love, joy and happiness, in order to enjoy the true meaning of this beautiful life.

This poetry i recited in our teacher’s day function, while i was shaking the whole time due to my stage fright. So it all comes down to all those fears and hesitations when you are standing in front of a huge crowd to present a show or a lesson as i should say for us being the future teachers. This feeling of anxiety and the phobia to come in front and present yourself, when you are not that confident, can be overcome by a number of factors. It may be well coped by getting to know you students well, interacting with them, making yourself comfortable by a formal brief introduction about yourself as well as the students individually and the process just goes on. But when you come to a real stage in order to perform, either in a group or a solo act, you need that huge amount of practice my friend. This practice, where you get to do things and learn by doing, performing trial and error, giving various attempts on all sorts of experiments be science, arts or social fiestas.

Hence, as a student, we all need to understand the value of practice and as a teacher we need to give the right kind of path or guidance in order to show the difference between right and wrong, and making them aware of all the basic ethics, values, civic rights, duties as a good citizen, be a law abiding person and last but not the least a good human being, having respect for the fellow human-beings and the wildlife and surroundings where we all stay.

Below is a picture back from a mime play which we presented on our fresher’s party.


Thanks to some really special people who gave this opportunity for taking part in my first ever dramatics. (clockwise-Poonam, Pooja, Ridhi, Shalu, Jigyasa, Sirat, Ritika, Nikita, Vaishali, Prerna, Sree, Abha, Sheelu, and me. The lady in the red sari is our principal mam, Dr. Saroj Vyas).

And here i present yet another old one.

Playing in the lap of nature

once, when i was playing in the lap of nature,

enjoying with my pals with a gesture,

hiding here and there,

roaming, climbing,jumping all the time,

cheering happily, crawling freely,

teasing each other carelessly

spreading the joy of childhood days,

if i wish to return to those plays,

once when i was little ,sweet lady

when i too had was  a bit lazy,

as i often used to have done all my work,

i had always been at my perk.










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